This is the future of thyroid surgery.

Now we can perform hemi- or total thyroidectomy through a cosmetically favorable, small incision (usually smaller than the size of the thyroid gland itself), discharge patients the same day and avoid the need for drains, staples or sutures to be removed. All incisions are closed with a plastic surgery closure using dissolvable suture on the inside and skin glue on the surface. This equates to a rapid recovery with excellent results.

The preoperative evaluation will include an ultrasound of the thyroid performed in the office, an evaluation of the nerves to the voice box and a biopsy if needed.

Equally important to these advances in technique is to have the correct surgery on the first attempt by a surgeon who has less than average complication rates. Patients can feel confident if they have surgery with a high-volume surgeon who understands the nuances of endocrine surgery.

Fine needle aspiration being performed

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