An easy, quick procedure performed in the office to help with the diagnosis of thyroid nodules or other neck masses.

Most commonly, we perform these on thyroid nodules to help decide how best to manage them.

The procedure is performed with a needle smaller than those used for blood draws. Because of the minimal discomfort from the FNA there is no need for sedation or medication. You can return to your normal activities immediately after without restriction. You don't even need to stop your blood thinners!

The most common result of a FNA is benign cytology (a.k.a. non-cancerous). Roughly 3-5% of the time we get a non-diagnostic result that requires a repeat in 6-12 weeks. There is also a chance that your FNA sample with be sent for genetic evaluation if the cytology is uncertain.

Download our FNA patient handout below.

Fine needle aspiration being performed

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